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Σκι σε United Kingdom

Lecht, February 2003 | The Lecht

Σκι σε United Kingdom

Lecht, February 2003 | The Lecht

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Φωτογραφία σε The Lecht: Lecht, February 2003 από phunts?

Lecht, February 2003, The Lecht
χρήστης: phunts? (12 photo)

Lecht, February 2003

United Kingdom | The Lecht

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Its an hour from Aberdeen. Hardly the middle of nowhere.
sidious well i have to admit the Lecht is just 2 hills it's not a mountain, and suffers only have blue runs.......good if there's nowhere else open, even then it's in the middle of nowhere....
Bodie Miller lecht is really good, in fact its better than the three valleys in France :shock:
wow snow at the lecht didnt think they got that, or needed it!
Calum Lecht is ok bt not as gd as othrs in scotland