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Σκι σε France

top of the world | Sainte Foy

Σκι σε France

top of the world | Sainte Foy

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Φωτογραφία σε Sainte Foy: top of the world από oly barnsley

top of the world, Sainte Foy
χρήστης: oly barnsley (15 photo)
φωτογραφία πάρθηκε: 3:19 pm 23 Feb 2011

top of the world

France | Sainte Foy

Μέση βαθμολογία: 4.9
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CP jumping

Πρόσφατα σχόλια

Jay No track, no shadow. Pretty embarrassing really....
Rob roy Wheres the take off tracks!!! Fake! Plus i know this part of the mountain, he would have a hell of a way to fall after being that far up in the air! Plus, lighting is off!!! Fake!