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Σκι σε France

Immortal | Serre Chevalier

Σκι σε France

Immortal | Serre Chevalier

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Φωτογραφία σε Serre Chevalier: Immortal από David Szepessy

Immortal, Serre Chevalier
χρήστης: David Szepessy (3 photo)
φωτογραφία πάρθηκε: 3:40 pm 20 Dec 2012


France | Serre Chevalier

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We had a nice backcountry ski trip down to Pelvoux from Serre Che...and there was a beautiful "cascade"...the snow condition was not that good as it looks like...I dropped down and landed into the 1m of fresh snow, but under there was ice (the leg of cascade)...my luck was the steep landing area and my Snowpulse bag which was my suspension...otherwise I could have died :)