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Σκι σε Azerbaijan

Ski Lift | Shahdag Mountain Resort

Σκι σε Azerbaijan

Ski Lift | Shahdag Mountain Resort

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Φωτογραφία σε Shahdag Mountain Resort: Ski Lift από Gulnar Mustafayeva

Ski Lift, Shahdag Mountain Resort
χρήστης: Gulnar Mustafayeva (15 photo)
φωτογραφία πάρθηκε: 10:35 am 11 Jan 2013

Ski Lift

Azerbaijan | Shahdag Mountain Resort

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Across the centuries, the north-east corner of Azerbaijan has served as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East. Here, in the shadow of the majestic Caucasus Mountains, hides untold natural beauty. Pristine glaciers and deep ravines, stunning mountain lakes and canyons, and an ecological treasure trove of plants and animals. 
This is Shahdag in all its splendour. With a climate favouring year-round sports and leisure, 
Shahdag ranges from winter lows of -20°C to pleasant summer evenings of 20°C. 
An incomparable location for one of the world’s largest national parks, and within it, one of the region’s largest ski resorts. Breathtakingly beautiful, a haven hidden from time, Shahdag is an experience not soon forgotten.