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Σκι σε Azerbaijan

Shahdag Retrack | Shahdag Mountain Resort

Σκι σε Azerbaijan

Shahdag Retrack | Shahdag Mountain Resort

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Φωτογραφία σε Shahdag Mountain Resort: Shahdag Retrack από Gulnar Mustafayeva

Shahdag Retrack, Shahdag Mountain Resort
χρήστης: Gulnar Mustafayeva (15 photo)
φωτογραφία πάρθηκε: 10:07 am 24 Jan 2015

Shahdag Retrack

Azerbaijan | Shahdag Mountain Resort

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For something completely different, climb aboard one of our heated snow grooming machines and experience first-hand how we perfectly sculpt our slopes ready for you to enjoy. We will take you to the top of the slopes where you will experience breathtaking views across the slopes while seeing our experts at work. Due to the size of the machines these tours are for small groups, so book early to avoid disappointment.