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  • Πρόγνωση Καιρού για The Lecht σε 640 m ύψος στις: 6 am26 May 2017 (τοπική ώρα)
Σκι σε United Kingdom

The Lecht Πρόγνωση Χιονιού

UkThe Lecht

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Συνοπτικό Δελτίο Καιρού 0-3 Ημερών για The Lecht:

Μέτριες βροχοπτώσεις (συνολικά 14.0mm), με μεγαλύτερη ένταση Σάββατο απόγευμα. Πολύ ήπιος καιρός (μέγ. 19°C Παρασκευή πρωί, ελάχ. 7°C Κυριακή βράδυ). Θα μειωθεί η ένταση των ανέμων (ισχυροί άνεμοι ΔΒΔ Σάββατο βράδυ, αίθριος από Κυριακή βράδυ).

Συνοπτικό Δελτίο Καιρού 4-6 Ημερών για The Lecht:

Μέτριες βροχοπτώσεις (συνολικά 16.0mm), με μεγαλύτερη ένταση Τρίτη απόγευμα. Πολύ ήπιος καιρός (μέγ. 15°C Τρίτη απόγευμα, ελάχ. 7°C Δευτέρα βράδυ). Θα αυξηθεί η ένταση των ανέμων (αίθριος Τρίτη πρωΐ, ψυχροί άνεμοι ΝΝΔ από Τετάρτη βράδυ).
Παρασκευή 26Σάββατο 27Κυριακή 28Δευτέρα 29Τρίτη 30Τετάρτη 31
αραιή νέφωση
αραιή νέφωση
αρκετή βροχή
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
αραιή νέφωση
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
λίγη βροχή
Ανεμος (km/h)
25 S25
25 S25
25 S25
25 SSE25
25 SSE25
35 WNW35
30 NW30
15 NW15
5 SW5
15 S15
15 SSW15
10 SW10
5 SSE5
10 SSW10
5 SW5
10 SSW10
20 SW20
25 SSW25
Σύνοψηβροντέςβροντέςαραιή νέφωσηαραιή νέφωσηαρκετή βροχήλίγη βροχήαίθριοςαίθριοςλίγη βροχήλίγη βροχήλίγη βροχήαραιή νέφωσηλίγη βροχήλίγη βροχήλίγη βροχήλίγη βροχήλίγη βροχήλίγη βροχή
Χάρτης χιονιού
T scotland snow sum26.cc23
T scotland snow sum27.cc23
T scotland snow sum28.cc23
T scotland snow sum29.cc23
T scotland snow sum30.cc23
T scotland snow sum31.cc23
Χιόνι cm
Βροχή mm
Μεγ. °C
Ελάχ. °C
Επίπεδο παγοποίησης (m)355036503650350032502850280026002400235023502400245026502600260027503050
The Lecht freezing level scale
snowy slopeThe Lecht freezing level

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Κριτικές επισκεπτών για The Lecht

Ο/η Matt από United Kingdom γράφει:

We visited the Lecht on the 6th Feb 2013. This was our first time Snowboarding in Scotland.

We arrived late because the road from Tomintoul was blocked by 3 cars that could not get up the snow covered road - we hadn't expected this as the Lecht website had earlier said the roads were fine, they were anything but. No one was offered any assistance from the Lecht staff in their tractor and we eventually freed the cars ourselves.

On arrival we hired our gear and were rather disappointed with the quality, the boots had certainly seen some hard times, were looking very ragged and didn't even lace up properly.

Once on the slopes we were further shocked, the snow condition report on their site that morning said:

"Main runs complete good cover of new snow, some icy patches. Ample areas for beginners.There is good snow cover across the whole ski area."

In reality, all of the green runs were solid sheet ice that you could not snowboard safely on. The blue runs were considerably more difficult and as we are relativly inexperienced they were beyond our skill level. There is no good learner snow here, the green runs have no gradient and are only a few tens of metres long before they flatten out completely. There are no intermediate runs for beginners.

Several other things that we were not impressed by:

* No obvious signposting of runs or routes and no one around to help you out.
* No maps of piste outside to let you work out where to go.
* Car park snow clearance poor - massive drifts in the car park and no help getting out, a group of us had to get together to help each other out of the car park.
* No information on road conditions posted anywhere and no staff who knew what was going on.

We will not be going here again, ever; I strongly recommend you do not either. In contrast, the next day (today), we went to Cairngorm mountain and had a fantastic day on some great snow with good pistes and friendly, helpful staff.

I hope this report prevents somebody else from wasting their time and money at the Lecht - go somewhere else instead!

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