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Σκι σε Greece

Road to Pilio mountain | Pilion

Σκι σε Greece

Road to Pilio mountain | Pilion

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Φωτογραφία σε Pilion: Road to Pilio mountain από Cosa_Nostra

Road to Pilio mountain, Pilion
χρήστης: Cosa_Nostra (5 photo)

Road to Pilio mountain

Greece | Pilion

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Last year heavy snow the total amount of snow up to the resort was almost 6 meters, the resort was closed for a week almost !!!!!!

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Jason i remember that year.the snow was about three-four meters for some days.i think 4.it was an awesome.and a fabulous blizzard during the days before that wonder!!!
i've been there!dan from greece.
Gorgeous :lol:
komis crazy mountain :lol: