Roundhill Resort Guide

The Roundhill resort summary is: Roundhill has 6 lifts within its 404 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for all levels, including terrain park enthusiasts. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 783m of vertical range and surrounding area. There are 9 trail at Roundhill.

Photo Credit: Joel O'RourkeRoundhill  Οδηγός Χιονοδρομικού Κέντρου

Roundhill Resort Guide

The Roundhill resort summary is: Roundhill has 6 lifts within its 404 Hectares of terrain that is suitable for all levels, including terrain park enthusiasts. Find location, trail maps and piste maps covering the mountains 783m of vertical range and surrounding area. There are 9 trail at Roundhill.


Κορυφή: 2133m
Βάση: 1350m

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Προχωρημένους επίπεδο σκιέρ



Εκτάρια για Σκι:

Δημιουργία τεχνητού χιονιού: σωστό

Αναβατήρες στο Roundhill:

  • συρόμενος αναβατήρας εικονίδιο6
  •  εικονίδιο
  • τελεφερίκ εικονίδιο
Συνολικοί αναβατήρες = 6
Ζείτε στο χιονοδρομικό κέντρο και μπορείτε να ενημερώσετε αυτές τις πληροφορίες; Γίνετε υπεύθυνος χιονοδρομικού κέντρου
Δικαιώματα φωτογραφίας: Joel O'Rourke

Επίσκεψη στο Roundhill

Χρήσιμες πληροφορίες για το κέντρο που θα σας βοηθήσουν να προγραμματίσετε το ταξίδι σας στο Roundhill

  • Εναρξη σεζόν
  • Λήξη Σεζόν
  • Διαμονή
  • Εστιατόρια | Μπαρ
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  • Κοντινότερο Αεροδρόμιο
  • Κοντινότερο τρένο
  • Iστοσελίδα
  • Τηλέφωνο εξυπηρέτησης
    +64 21 680 694

Παροχές στο Roundhill

Η έκταση στο Roundhill περιλαμβάνει::

  • Halfpipes
  • Πάρκα
  • Cross Country
  • Ενοικίαση Εξοπλισμού Σκι

Πώς είναι στο χιονοδρομικό κέντρο Roundhill;

Roundhill Ski Area is situated in the heart of the Mackenzie Country and boasts views on some of New Zealand’s most iconic landmarks. See Aoraki Mt Cook towering above the Southern Alps while the turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo provide an amazing backdrop to your day on the snow. After a scenic 35 minute drive you arrive at Roundhill and park slope side. The ticket office, café and rental department are all located at the top of the car park. At Roundhill all trails lead back to the base area so once the kids are underway grab an espresso, bask in the sun and watch them tear up the slopes while you get yourself ready to hit the snow. Families love the relaxed friendly atmosphere at Roundhill. We have a fantastic beginner’s area with wide gentle runs and plenty of space. Our super wide undulating intermediate trails are just the right pitch to be exciting but not intimidating. Central Park has features including rails and jumps designed for beginner to intermediate freestylers. For the adventurous we have…. Australasia’s Highest Vertical! Ride the Heritage Express Rope Tow to an elevation of 2133m and experience a whopping 783m of vertical! The Heritage Express accesses wide open spaces, natural half-pipes, chutes and some seriously steep terrain. Our international, qualified instructors are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They provide expert tuition for beginner through to advanced skiers and snowboarders. Our kids group lessons are perfect for the young ones to learn the basics or hone their skills with other children in a safe and fun environment. For the ultimate in tuition try a private lesson. We have over 350 sets of ski and snowboard equipment for all ages and our friendly staff will ensure you have the right gear for your needs. Our skis are from Rossignol and Salomon and our boards are from Burton. Save time by using our multi-day hire option. Our café has expansive views of Lake Tekapo and the Southern Alps. There is ample seating both indoors & outdoors and you can choose from a range of healthy food and beverage options. The “von Brown” is a quaint wee refreshment hut situated near the top T1 T-Bar. Relax in a deck-chair, take in the scenery and share a yarn with the locals. We have a number of fun events scheduled over the winter weekends, please see or check us out on Facebook for more information.

Τελευταίες φωτογραφίες από το κέντρο Roundhill Δείτε όλες τις φωτογραφίες στη σελίδα συλλογής φωτογραφιών του κέντρου Roundhill

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Εξερευνήστε τον χάρτη τοποθεσίας του Roundhill

Διαδραστικός χάρτης μονοπατιών και πίστας Roundhill. Προβάλετε την πίστα και τα μονοπάτια, καθώς και τα γύρω εδάφη και ορεινά περιγράμματα για δράση στην εξοχή. Βρείτε και συγκρίνετε κοντινά θέρετρα με κλικ στους δείκτες θέρετρου.

Roundhill Live Weather

ResortΥψος ΧιονιούΘερμ. (°C)Ανεμος (km/h)Καιρός
Top Lift: 
light rain
Middle Lift: 
light rain
Bottom Lift: 
light rain

Ποιος είναι ο μήνας με το περισσότερο χιόνι στο κέντρο Roundhill;

ΟκτώβριοςΜέσος όρος: 3.1 ημέρες με χιόνι ανά εβδομάδα
Η πιο χιονισμένη εβδομάδα στο Roundhill είναι η 2 εβδομάδα του Οκτώβριος. Υπάρχουν συνήθως 3.1 χιονώδεις ημέρες κατά τη διάρκεια αυτής της εβδομάδας με 29cm χιονόπτωσης. Δείτε τα παρακάτω γραφήματα του Ιστορικού χιονόπτωσης στο Roundhill.

Κριτικές επισκεπτών για Roundhill

Συνολικά: 3.6 Βασισμένο σε 2 ψήφους και 7 κριτικές

  • Εγγυημένο χιόνι
  • Ποικιλία πιστών
  • Εκτός πίστας
  • Τοπίο
  • Apres-Ski
  • Vote

Ο/η James από New Zealand γράφει:

Have made the annual pilgrimage down south for many years now and have always given Roundhill a miss having ski raced there as a teenager. My memories from those earlier years were of a small, not very exciting but well run ski area with good facilities for it's size that relied on natural snow fall. Upon visiting Roundhill with the wife this August past I see that four things have happened that will go a long way to ensuring Roundhill's future. Firstly, snow making has made a huge difference - helping make Roundhill's season more predictable and ensuring good coverage on the main trails. Secondly, the excellent training facilities and stable weather conditions that greet the visiting national ski racing teams (think USA and Austria). Thirdly is the investment of time and resources into creating a top quality terrain park to keep both ski and board jibbers happy. Last but not least and most important for me is the construction of the Heritage tow. After riding it for the first time I thought to myself - only in New Zealand and well done you freeking crazy Kiwis...!! I love the fact that it is pactically goober proof and in this day and age, flys in the face of the high speed detachable, sanitised Mac Donalds style development that is going on at most of the other resorts in New Zealand. The skiing was off the hook, 60cms of new snow and fresh tracks all day until mine and the wife's legs cried "no more" - I'll be going back next year for sure....P.S Tekapo is a great little town as well.

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